The search never stops

I started playing guitar and drums in my mid teens. I was listening to every style of music I could from Motorhead to Mozart. I started to play Bass in some bands as well as guitar in others. I could not decide which instrument to concentrate on!

It was at this early stage that I realised that I wanted to hear something that had both guitar and bass registers.I was also studying classical guitar at this time and this style forms the basis of my technique. I think I am a musical schizophrenic because the sounds I like to hear sometimes lean towards sounds that are not associated with the guitar.

I studied guitar and bass at Leeds college of music and this was a fantastic environment in which to learn. I was exposed to a lot of new styles of world music, and avant-garde as well as getting deeper into jazz, rock and classical music. I also started to study singing. I was listening to Debussy, Ravel, Liszt and Scriabin etc, alongside Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Duke Ellington and Keith Jarrett as well as studying Indian music.

This experience had a huge influence on my fretless style not so much as in the choice of notes but in the way sitarists really make their instruments sing at every dynamic. I have always been fascinated by solo guitarists such as Segovia and Joe Pass and I had the good fortune to see Issac Guilory when I was 19. This experience changed my life. He had everything great songs ,great voice immaculate arrangements and quite simply one of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to see. I saw him play about 40 times and every time he was stunning.


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