Manson 22 string classical guitar




This guitar is the realization of my desire to play the nylon string guitar with the range of a piano.

 One of my favorite combinations is voice and piano. I love the idea of Jazzy Lieder

I love the intimacy and the opportunity to present music in its most basic form and ironically it is the silences as much as the notes that I find fascinating.

The back sides and neck are Mahogany

The soundboard is half European spruce and Western red cedar

There are 3 Fishman matrix pick ups and 1 Fishman mic inside

The strings are custom made by Hannabach strings in Germany.

I took the guitar to the Factory near Munich I have always loved Hannabach strings and meeting Mr.Hannabach and all at the factory is something I will never forget and I am very grateful for their expertise in a very difficult job.

Andy made a stupendous job with all my guitars this was a challenge as I don’t think it has ever been done before my composition “Ocean” shows the direction I want to take the music.

 I want the focus to be on the music and not the guitars I try to make my music sound as a unit when I hear my favorite music I hear the whole unit I want an create an experience rather than a demonstration.


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