Manson 10 string Heron Steel string guitar




Why do I need a 10 string steel strung guitar. I am often asked why?

I grew up playing guitar and bass and also listening to a very wide range of music. I love the sound of a steel string guitar and in particular the depth of the bass when people used different tunings to extend the range of the guitar.

I had been aware of Andy and Hugh Manson’s work as one of the worlds finest The luthiers and I was very fortunate to frequent Manson’s guitar shop in Exeter.

I approached Andy about the possibility of 10 string steel strung.

The tuning is from high to low E,B,G,D,,A,E  standard tuning with 4 low strings B,A,E,D

The strings are made by Picato I use an 11 to 52 gauge for the 6 and the bass strings which are custom made are 60,70,80,90

Andy chose Cherry wood for the back and sides, European spruce for the top the neck is Mahogany

The wood on the front of the headstock is Yew

The pick ups are a highlander piezo bridge a Kent Armstrong magnetic pick up in the sound hole and ands AKG mic inside the body.

I use a session Headway acoustic preamp and  a small amount of reverb.

I first read about custom luthiers in a magazine called “Music u.k” It was a great magazine in the 80’s and I can tell you it was a dream come true to have Andy build such a stunning instrument!






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