14 String fretless Basstar







Again the first question I must answer is why? Again it comes down the issue of hearing  piano, organ and orchestral music and wanting to hear the sound of the guitar in these extended registers.

The guitar has a 7 string fretless bass and a 7 string fretted guitar on the same neck with 4 different string lengths

The guitar was built by Andy and Hugh Manson the body and neck are maple and walnut the top of the body is Cap Figured Maple. I love to see the detail in the wood of a guitar and I find this maple top stunning.

The fingerboards are Rosewood for the guitar and Ebony for the fretless bass.

The front of the headstock is Rosewood.

The pick ups are Kent Armstrong custom 7 string guitar and an EMG 7 string bass pick up Also in the bridge there is a mike Vanden  piezo pick up.

The choice of a Stratocaster style guitar was an easy choice as I love the sound and versatility.

 The guitar has a 2 octave neck.

The string gauge is 11 to 60 and the bass section is 25 to 135

The tuning is standard guitar tuning with a low b

The bass  is high b then standard g,d,a,e then low b and low a.

It can be quite daunting to play this guitar but I try to use all the guitars as a tool for the arrangement of the song and as with everything everyday is a school day.




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