Hi Thank you for your visiting my web site!

I had a great time spending 2 days recoding "Upclose and Personal" at the world renowned Realworld studio's.

The whole record was recorded and mixed in 2 days.It features alot of different styles and moods featuring my 10 14 and 22 string guitars and i was delighted to have the stunning Kathryn Leith Pendrell singing on 2 tracks.

The first track 'Ocean' features the 22 string and the 14 string influenced by Debussy and the legacy of the Spanish guitar with a dreamy waterscene at the end with the 14 string.This track can be heard on the dropdown  on the home icon and  in live performances.

The c.d was recorded live in the studio and i wanted to have a sound which was just as if i was performing right infront of you.

I wanted a c.d of contrasting moods from the Romance of "Thorn from a rose" to the relective "Say it with silence" to the Drama of my tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio "The voice of an angel"( with the devil in his throat)

You can hear 3 tracks click here or click on the home icon.

The c.d is available from the shop icon click here on this web site from 20th July 2014

All the best



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